Wednesday, 4 May 2011

waterloo village 2

Harriet was on her front door having a natter with Jim the postman, when she spots a cat wandering around the outer village. Jim then alerted the other villagers while finishing off his round, Harriet went to see the mayor, Charlie at the village hall.
 Charlie was watching a Cleveland Browns football game when harriet burst through the door he reluctantly agrees to do something about it, though only when it's close enough to deal with, which angers Harriet, Charlie, and Harriet never got on well, taking it as one of her never ending tales, though only when Jim walks through the door, he realises the seriousness and backs down, though just as he was going to make his desicion, Michael the earthworm slithered in with news on Randal's whereabouts. As he sat on the table talking, jim kept looking at him, his stomache began to rumble, and  he began pecking at michael, who was clearly annoyed, jim then picked him up and began to swallow when michael wacked him on the throat causing jim to cough him out, michael then finished what he was saying, Charlie gave him a wide grin and flicked him off the table and Jim went after him.
  Charlie spent that night in the company of the Runts so he had a clearer view when he spots the cat, which came closer than the previous few nights. Charlie confronted the cat and asked what he was doing there, the cat, Randal hissed and the two fight it out, Randal ran off with wounded pride, Charlie rubbed his hands in satisfaction. Harriet, slightly horrified, complained about the violence
Charlie used, though he just shrugged and told Harriet, she wanted something done about it and he did it and now she's complaining, turns to Herbert and smiles with a shake of the head

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